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Sanders Says Climate Change Is a Central Election Issue: And Democratic leaders think younger voters will respond
PHILADELPHIA—Billionaire climate advocate Tom Steyer believes young Americans will cast more votes this year based on rising temperatures than in past presidential elections.

Climate change is already killing people: European heatwave caused by global warming in 2003 led to hundreds of deaths
- From June to August 2003 a heatwave in Europe led to hundreds of deaths
- New study shown a fifth of these were due to man-made climate change
- Climate change increased the risk of heat-related deaths in central Paris by around 70 per cent, the study found

NASA Says 2016 Hottest On Record So Far, Arctic Sea Ice Cover May Reach New Lows

Arctic sea ice crashes to record low for June

From mid-June onwards, ice cover disappeared at an average rate of 29,000 miles a day, about 70% faster than the typical rate of ice loss, experts say

Arctic sea ice: yet another record falls

A blanket of smoke from fires in Siberia is so huge it can be seen from nearly 1 million miles away in space

Satellite image of smoke from Siberian wildfires. (Source: NASA Worldview)

Millions of Dead Trees in the Sierra Nevadas Pose Unprecedented Fire Safety Hazard: SCE is working to mitigate the possible devastation caused by drought and beetle infestation, including wood chipping and removal of ‘zombie trees.’

There are an estimated 66 million dead trees in the southern Sierra Nevada. Jeffrey Moore of the Forest Service explains what it means for the region in the latest story in our series, Summer of Fire, on the state of California’s forests.

Good site: 66 Million Dead Trees, and more...

Lake Mead helps supply water to 25 million people. And it just hit a record low.

Water Knives in the Near Future — 16 Year Drought Brings Lake Mead To New Record Low

U.S. Drought Monitor:

California and National Drought Summary for July 12, 2016

Summer heat to return to California in late July - (The California Weather Blog)

The Sand Fire near L.A. has doubled in size, and with dry, gusty winds, extreme fire behavior is forecast today - (July 24)

A cloud of smoke boils up from the Sand Fire just north of Los Angeles, as seen in this image acquired by the Suomi-NPP satellite on Saturday, July 23, 2016. (Source: NASA Worldview)

Satellite images capture California’s Sand Fire, blazing north of Los Angeles, and the Sobranes Fire near the Big Sur coast
An animation of natural and false-color images acquired by NASA’s Terra satellite on Saturday reveal different aspects of the Sand Fire burning north of Los Angels. The natural-color image shows a towering smoke plume from the fire. In the false-color image, orange tones show areas of active burning. (Images: NASA Worldview. Animation: Tom Yulsman)

Amazing time-lapse video of the Sand Fire now blazing in northern Los Angeles County

Scientists say California hasn’t been this dry in 500 years

This Has Been the Driest Winter in California Since 1950 - (March 2015 - See map)

California drought: Past dry periods have lasted more than 200 years, scientists say

Monsoon Failure Key to Long Droughts in Southwest

Wiki: Climate change in California

Wiki: Droughts in the United States

USGS: Drought Facts

The Latest on California wildfires: Emergency Declared on 2 California Wildfires
Acting California Gov. Tom Torlakson has now declared a state of emergency for both major wildfires burning in the state.

Climate change comes to the DNC - POLITICO
Climate change will move to center stage at the Democrat National Convention tonight in the form of a 5-1/2 minute movie directed by James Cameron and Maria Wilhelm, narrated by Sigourney Weaver...

Weather Disasters Can Fuel War in Volatile Countries: Droughts and other extremes can cause dangerous economic shocks
See also the related stories on Syria/ Climate/ Refugees/ US Military planning.
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