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Oh, OK! The, "bank holiday," in Cyprus is being extended again - until Thursday, so people still can't access their personal bank account savings.

Oh - OK!! Now the percentage that some people may lose has gone from 7% of their savings up to, "as much as 40% of their savings."

Oh, swell! Now their is, "Discussion among leaders in Europe, [Goldman-Sachs Appointees], about the possibility of using the Cyprus plan as a template for debt-repayment in other European Countries."

Boy, I tell ya. We are like frogs in boiling water.

Hi, folks! I hope you'll be having a fine Easter-type time of the year! Don't forget to boil your banksters! And, remember, this really is just the beginning. OCCUPY-type activtie are always happening. Te other day, U.S. Postal Workers held a National Day of Action, which involved tens of thousands of people, which, I hear, was virtually not covered in the Big-Media press. I don't know, because I don't watch TV, etc. (It works for ME). According to Ed Schultz, the main issue the Mail-People were focusing on was: We must not abandon Saturday mail delivery!! But, that stance kinda tacitly accepts the whole way the P.O. is being strangled. The P.O. is mandated not to make a profit, and yet it has been straddled by GOP 2006 legislation requiring them to outlay funds for retiree pensions FOR THE NEXT 75 years. That is something NO BUSINESS can possible do and survive. The aims of the GOP, and its puppet masters, are obvious: Shrink the government, "until it is small enough to drown in a bathtub." Destroy the large Postal Service Union, and so eviscerate yet more non-corporate support for the Democratic Party. Get their hands on that money the P.O. outlays for the next 75 years, and divert it into the main U.S. budget, (and into their pockets as well), as they did, trying to kill Social Security, then claiming the agency is bankrupt - (yet, of course, not too big to fail, similar to the car companies). And, finally, to privatise and/or destroy the P.O., in order to somehow let FedEx and UPS take over, and PROFIT - which, even as a military attack strategy, makes no sense whatsoever. Killing the P.O. is not only bad for THE COMMONS, it is bad for business and bad for the ECONOMY.

Speaking of Ed Schultz, today, on his radio show, he again featured the producer of The 99% Movie - The 99% Movie: http://the99pecentmovie.com (22 minutes) - (For a few other media things, go here: http://madman101.livejournal.com/1345447.html)

He also mentioned an article in the Huffington Post, which discusses how income for the 99% has only increased by about $50 over the past... um... HALF CENTURY, or something?! (Hats off to the blood-Supply-Siders!) Also, there is a good article in ALTERNET, about something - I forgot what it is.

I have been experiencing great difficulty in my life, and have been unable to post anywhere near as much as I would like. (I will also be offline more for a while, but may still compose some posts offline). However, I did come up with a little idea, which I hope all f you might take a liking to, and maybe take up the same practice, which goes like this...

I established a TAG in my personal journal, of many posts I think may be very relevant to this community! So - you can simply go to that tag, and read them. One of the nice things is that I can still make posts which are not all dandied up to be worthy of this community officially, but members can still go to my personal journal to read. YOU ARE INVITED TO DO THE SAME. Just make a tag for what you consider to be relevant posts, and let me know the tag, and I will probably post all of you folk's tags on the profile page of this community!! People can keep going back to your tag later, to see what recent, (or past), you may have added to the tag!! Remember, I want you to feel that this here community does not have the stricter demands, as required in, say, ONTD_p. So, please feel free!

(Please note that in a recent personal post, I do take a negative angle regarding some political politicians. This does not mean I am right-wing. I am a progressive who sees views on both side that can be shared. I also know that politicians, in order to rise, must go through a perpetual hazing process, which is, of course, disgusting. Finally, politicians may do bad things because they KNOW the aliens are coming, and they only have our best interests in mind. (PS - You go, Pope!).

Since this here post will probably be a cross-post to a few communities, here are the tags for each community. I urge you to check out the appropriate tag, and exhaust yourself reading and despairing, some fine Sunday morning!!!

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